What do I require to use our company domain name instead of Vitrium's for content links?


Vitrium Security Professional and Enterprise Editions include the capability to customize the domain name that is used for protected content links. Here's what's required:

  1. You (the customer) will need to create CNAMES on your end and point to the following on Vitrium's end:

    Customer domain name:
    Company acronym: nc

    For the protected PDF: ->
    For the web viewer: ->
  2. Vitrium would then bind your chosen domain names to the appropriate hosted websites.

  3. We also strongly recommend you purchase an SSL certificate and send it to Vitrium. A (minimum) 2048-bit encrypted SSL cert is needed and preferably for IIS 8+ (.pfx format).

    If this is not possible then please be sure to send both the certificate and private key.

    If you will only be using the web viewer, then the SSL cert just needs to have a subject name similar to or else you'll need to get a wildcard for both sites (PDF and web viewer).

    Ideally, Vitrium would require the SSL certificate(s) a few days prior to go-live in case there are any issues.

Contact the Vitrium team to learn more. 


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