What is Proxy / Firewall Error?

The problem here is caused by proxy/firewall that interrupts the communication between the PDF and the authentication server. To resolve this, their IT must configure the proxy/firewall to allow direct communication. 

Why proxy servers affect the process:

This style of communication works seamlessly in most environments. However, in some cases, secured PDF document attempts to contact the Vitrium Security server its communications are blocked. When it is unable to contact the server, the document cannot be unlocked.

In order for Vitrium Security documents to function correctly with Adobe Reader/Acrobat, the proxy server must be configured to allow direct communication with the DNS address on ports 80/443 and

How to check for a proxy server:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (not Firefox or any other browser)
  2. Select Tools > Internet Options
  3. Select the Connections tab
  4. Click the LAN Settings button
  5. Check to see if the "Use a proxy server..." box is selected

Proxy server required configuration changes:

  1. The proxy MUST allow direct communication
  2. With the DNS address,, and
  3. On ports 80/443

Firewall required configuration changes:

  1. Remove any blocks in Norton or other firewall software for
  2.,, and
  3. The firewall MUST allow communication with
  4.,, and

Adobe/Acrobat Trust Manager configuration changes:

  1. Open Adobe/Acrobat
  2. From the top menu bar, select Edit > Preferences
  3. Under Categories, click Trust Manager
  4. Click the Change Settings button
  5. Remove any blocks to or
  6. Allow communication with or



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